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Calling all Testers: Join Goshen's Beta Test

Calling all Testers

Beginning January 2023, Goshen, the fully Ethereum-equivalent L2 blockchain that makes it easier and inherently more secure to scale, will invite developers to conduct beta testing for the Goerli testnet version of the network.

This version of the product will have limited functionality compared to the upcoming mainnet version with a focus on bridging between L1 and L2, L2 transactions incl. cost and speed, smart contracts, documentation, and developer tools.

We expect that this beta testing will inform how the network functions, identify any bugs, and provide a range of useful information for the team to continue building a layer 2 solution that offers a universal ecosystem for all use cases.

Testers that participate in this stage of testing will be eligible for several future benefits as founding members of the community and will receive a special badge identifying them on Discord.

If you’re interested in participating in this beta testing opportunity, please submit to this Google Form and we’ll provide additional updates in the coming weeks.